Why I Love Mother’s Day


There are 2 holidays every year that are in direct celebration of myself… 2 days that I can claim all my own. The first being my birthday and the other being mother’s day. I love my birthday because its a day I don’t have to share with anyone (well, at least not anyone I know). BUT the thing with the birthday is that everyone has one and no one really did anything special to receive one except be born.

Now mother’s day… this is a day I actually worked for.  9 months of pregnancy, 27 hours labor, and 4 years (so far) of raising a child.  I think at this point a deserve a holiday.  A nice bouquet of flowers, maybe some chocolate, and lunch out-my choice.  So Happy Mother’s Day to all those mothers out there, I don’t mind sharing this holiday with you because we’ve all been there.



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